If you put together a Circus-theme market, a colorful flower palette, creative planners and a young couple…the result can only be stunning!

Talking about the pre-wedding party,”La Piazza del Circo”, guests were invited to a street festival party with street artists and performers, a mystical reader and florists to customize flower crown in a blooming flower market.

On the big-day, a traditional Jewish ceremony under a chuppah, but with a unique touch: lots of greenery, beautiful flowers and majestic tassels, dancing around the couple with the breeze. For the aisle, bright colorful flowers and pampas grass, which created anticipation of what was coming next. Then, guest feel to be lost in an enchanted garden: butterflies, flowers, statues, hanging bulbs with candles and…peacocks! And what about a huge mirror elephant to light up the after party??

Onestly, everything is possible when Design Anarchy is envolved.

Location: Il Borro

Event Planner: Design Anarchy by Chic Weddings

Flowers: Tuscany Flowers

Photographer: Cinzia Bruschini

Lighting: Kaleido