The Bridal Party Breakfasts at Chantilly - France

by Tuscany Flowers

As promised, we're bringing you more from the extravagant three-day wedding in the majestic Chantilly!

Stealing a quiet moment after the welcome dinner bash, the bridal party gathered together for  ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ type of brunch. The banquet was filled with adorable teacups filled with lush pastel flowers, antique pieces, candy and pearls. Everything was flourished from the bench filled with cascading greenery to the massive birdcages and floral hat. All in all an afternoon of henna, food and fun in anticipation of the big day ahead!

Our arrival at the beautiful Chantilly!

Our arrival at the beautiful Chantilly!


The photos of the big day are coming soon...Arrivederci!


Wedding Event Designer: Backstage Productions ( New Delhi)